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The GRIT initiative supported a ropes course leadership training for our EOPS students to support them in believing that they could take their leadership skills to the next level. Check out this video to see their personal growth in action!

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Student Success at SMC.

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WEBINAR - "Why Emotions Matter: Helping Students Develop Non-Cognitive Skills That Lead to Success"

Dr. Gene Siegel, MD, PhD

Losers Can Sometimes Be Winners – A Very Personal Journey in Academia (with a side trip to a world of high paying, societally important, and deeply rewarding health care jobs that you never heard of)

Thursday, October 29 11:15am FREE Science 140

Dr. Gene Siegal—Robert W. Mowry Endowed Professor of Pathology and director of the Anatomic Pathology Division at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, UAB Health System Executive Vice-Chair of Pathology, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, London — will talk about his research on bone tumors (a field where he is a recognized world authority) and related conditions, and new developments in the field of cancer biology. Sponsored by the SMC Associates and SMC’s GRIT Program.