You + 1 GRIT Coaching Program

Helpful Articles & Videos

A Pep Talk from Kid President (Find Your Purpose): Be Awesome!

A Pep Talk from Al Pacino in "Every Given Sunday" (Overcoming Challenges in Life): Overcome!

Care for Yourself along the Way. Enjoy this short inspirational video: How to Be Yourself

Cross the finish line: a video of an injured Derek Redmond finishing his race (persevere)

Fritz, Mike and April Brown. "One Man's Journey from Gang Member to Academia" PBS Newshour, February 1, 2012. (How caring people changed a man's life.)

How a "+1" Changed Reporter Byron Pitts' life: An unexpected mentor

Miller, Gregory E., and Edith Chen and Gene H. Brody. "Can Upward Mobility Cost You Your Health," New York Times, January 4, 2014. (Take care of yourself.)

Short video showing poor approach to talking to your instructor about your grade: "I'm worried about my grade"

Simmons, Andrew. "The Danger of Telling Poor Kids That College is the Key to Social Mobility",, January 16, 2014. (Find your purpose and use college to pursue it.)

Tips from Mark Twain on living a good life