​​​​​ Please note: The training and webinars are for SMC Faculty only and users must register using their smc.edu email address.


@ONE Introduction to Teaching with Canvas

The @ONE Project offers an Introduction to Teaching with Canvas course. This class is a 4 - week online course that tends to fill up very quickly to due to the high number of colleges currently migrating to Canvas. If you are interested in taking this course email distance_ed_inquiry@smc.edu to request an OEI coupon code to cover the cost of the class. Faculty who complete this course do not need to take the SMC version as both courses cover the same material.

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Canvas Instructional Videos from Lynda.com

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office created a “virtual professional development resource center”—a “one-stop shop” for colleges and their employees to access effective practices, trainings, and other resources. As a California Community College employee, you have full access to the resources on this site. Free access to Lynda.com courses is included in the library of professional development materials.

Lynda.com offers a series of Canvas courses which are organized into chapters and divided into short individual videos. This is particularly helpful in learning a new skill from start to finish or to find a quick answer.

Here is how to access the Canvas courses offered by Lynda.com

  1. Register at the Professional Learning Network. (It's free if you have an SMC email account.)

  2. Click on the link called Learn (top of the page in blue banner).

  3. Go to "Click here for Lynda".

  4. Type in Canvas in the search window.

Spring 2017 Training Opportunities - On Ground Only

Drop-in lab hours - Questions Only

To accommodate everyone, please note that one on one ‘how to’ sessions can NOT be expected. These are mainly for answering questions for someone who has just started using Canvas and has already attended an Introduction to Canvas Training Session.  Please call Christine at extension 3765 during these hours in order to have her come down to the faculty lab for assistance.

  • Spring 2017 - Monday and Thursday - 1 - 3 pm – Faculty and Staff Computing Lab, IT Building, Room M 106

Canvas Technology Workshops

For any workshops listed below, feel free to RSVP by emailing the presenter/s directly.  Some of these workshops are being offered through a partnership with The Center for Teaching Excellence. ​​​​​

Archiving eCompanion Content
Thursday, June 1

11:15 am -12:35 pm
Business 253

Presenter: Simon Balm
Description: As the 6/30 deadline for the end of access to eCompanion rapidly approaches come and learn how to archive old content you wish to save including gradebooks, files in Doc Sharing and File Manager, Quizzes and other content.  This training is strictly limited to a maximum of 30 participants. 

All workshops have limited enrollment so be sure to RSVP early!

Training Directly from Canvas

Click below to register for a 2 - part Canvas - hosted 90 - minute webinars!

Register for Canvas Web Training

Part 1 - Canvas Fundamentals Higher Ed

This Canvas training will focus on the following features and use of Canvas:

  • Interface and navigation

  • Establishing your user profile and Canvas notification settings

  • Utilizing the Canvas calendar and syllabus

  • Getting organized with modules

  • Course settings

Part 2 - Canvas Fundamentals Higher Ed

This Canvas training builds on features and concepts covered in part 1, and will focus on the following features and use of Canvas:

  • Establishing scope and sequence using Modules

  • Building content using the rich content editor

  • Going deeper into pages, assignments, discussions and quizzes

  • The Canvas Gradebook and SpeedGrader

In order for you to get the most out of these two fundamentals webinars, you will need to have access to a Canvas Course Shell before the Part 1 Webinar. You can register for one by going to the Canvas Website and following the directions posted there.

Get Your Free Canvas Course Shell Here

To view the training course, without participating in a live interactive Webinar, please use the links below.