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Department Chairs and Coordinators

Scope & Functions for the Department Chairs & Coordinators Committee
Approved by The Academic Senate unanimously on February 26, 2013

Membership: Faculty Only


The Committee is comprised of all department chairs, faculty leaders, coordinators, and other faculty program leaders. In order to act in both its decision-making and liaison capacities, the Committee meets monthly.


  • Addresses matters that affect academic and organizational aspects of the departments and special programs.

  • Facilitates the flow of information between the departments and programs, the Academic Senate, and the Administration.

  • The Chair of the Committee serves as a resource liaison to the District Planning and Advisory Council (DPAC).

Committee Chair: Mitra Moassessi Ext.4057

Department Chairs & Elected Faculty Leaders Directory 2015-2016
Name Department Phone
Anderson, Jamey Dept. Chair, Physical Science Ext. 3180
Beardsley, Jason Dept. Chair, English Ext.8054
Bolandhemet, Fariba Dept. Chair, CSIS ​Ext. 4372
Borghei, Suzanne Dept. Chair, History Ext. 3536
Antrim, Brenda Faculty Leader, Library Ext. 3538
Colavito, Mary Dept. Chair, Life Sciences Ext. 4710
Davis, Ronald Dept. Chair, Art Ext. 4562
Douglas, Judith Dept. Chair, Dance Ext. 4856
Drake, Vicki Dept. Chair, Earth Science Ext. 8652
Fria, Chris​ Dept. Chair, Design Technology Ext. 3735
Maria Munoz Interim ​Dept. Chair, Communication Ext. 4407
Guglielmo, Laurie Dept. Chair, Counseling Ext. 4133
Kozlova, Yulia Dept. Chair, Music Ext. 8868
Lowcock, Ford​ Dept. Chair, Photography and Fashion Ext. 4021
Manson, Laura Dept. Chair, Education/ECE​ Ext. 3530
Moassessi, Mitra Dept.Chair, Math Ext.4057
Nightingale, Melody Dept. Chair, ESL​ Ext. 4568
Rogers, John​ Dept. Chair, Cosmetology ​Ext. 4412
Roque, Elaine​​ Dept. Chair, Kinesiology & Athletics​ Ext. 4859
Sawoski, Perviz Dept. Chair, Theater Arts​ Ext. 4113
Schultz, Christine Dept. Chair, Philosophy/Social Science Ext. 4940
Schwartz, Alex Dept. Chair, Psychology Ext. 8904
Trives, Toni Dept. Chair, Modern Languages Ext.4939
Veas, Sal Dept. Chair, Business Ext.4617
Williams, Eric ​Faculty Leader, Health Science Ext. 3455
Faculty Coordinators Directory 2015-2016
Name Department Phone
Bradford, Sherri Faculty Leader, Black Collegians Ext. 3635
Fonseca, Mary Faculty Leader, Scholars Ext. 4941
Garcia, Teresa Faculty Leader, Scholars Ext. 4106
Kluckhohn Jones, Lucy Ombudsperson Ext. 4713
Laille, Nathalie Faculty Coordinator, DSPS Ext. 4299
Lopez, Gloria Faculty Coordinator, Health Services Ext. 4766
Lopez, Maribel​ Faculty Leader, Student Success Committee​ Ext. 3484
Martinez, Maria Faculty Leader, Adelante Ext. 4375
Rowe, Sandra Faculty Coordinator, Psychological Services Ext. 4440
Sinclair, Linda​ Faculty Leader, Veterans Resource Center Ext. 8202

Meeting Dates, Times, and Locations

Meetings are held the 1st Friday of each month, 10:00-12:00 in B-111 unless otherwise indicated below.

Please scroll down for meeting information on agendas and minutes.

2015 Meeting Dates

Sept. 4, Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4

2016 Meeting Dates

Feb 5*, March 11 (2nd Friday), April 1, May 6, June 3

*This meeting is tentative. We will meet only if needed.

Agendas and Minutes