Santa Monica College

Academic Senate Environmental Affairs Committee

Meeting Minutes – 9/1/11

HSS 261


Call to Order: 2:17

Present:          Eric Oifer, Chair                     Excused: Genevieve Bertone, Vice-Chair

                        Stuart Cooley

                        Amber Katherine

                        Dana Morgan

                        Alex Schwartz

                        Jeff Gehring


I.               Seeking one more faculty member and one more administrator


II.         2011-2012 Committee Objectives

1.     Employ STARS Educational Rating System to develop and implement standards for sustainability-related and –focused courses

a.     Develop survey and schedule visits to gather information from faculty across campus

b.     Use this project as tool to support Greening the Curriculum effort

2.     Greening the Curriculum

a.     Expand use of the Organic Learning Garden

b.     EAC website development

c.      Link to Democracy Commitment

d.     Sustainability in the Program Review Yearly update?


III.        Climate Action Plan

a.     Discussed Andrew Revkin’s visit on October 27


IV.            2011-12 Meeting Schedule

a.     agreed to meet 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 2:15 in the Senate Office


V.               Presence of Sustainability on SMC website

a.     discussion of branding of SMC’s commitment to sustainability on the website

b.     CEUS


VI.            New Leadership at Sustainable Works

a.     Discussion of concerns/issues


Items for next meeting: STARS – definition of terms, discussion of pursuing the establishment of dedicated sustainability “fund” through Foundation, Stuart on potential grant funding, keeping an idea on Garden funding